1. this will be the last rough before I post the finished combo. I already started cleaning it, but there’s still lots to be done!

  2. 19 frames. It could have been more, but I don’t want TOO much recovery on this move. 

    Fun fact: the working canvas size on this one is 8000 x 8000 pixels. I really need more ram…

  3. Last part of the first chain. Still not sure on how I want to finish it.

  4. third chain

  5. made some changes. Now the slashes read a bit more like claws and they fade away once she’s done with them. The second slash has more range now. It just didn’t make any sense to have it come up so short after the first hit goes so far.

  6. one more to go…

  7. the first chain’s connected to the…second chain

  8. slash


  9. Updated my patreon account with new info and incentives

    Hey I…did that thing in the title up there. I completely revamped my patreon for Project: Rudra to give people a better understanding of the game and how it plays. I think people also like looking at animated gifs so there’s a WHOLE BUNCH now! Oh and I added some milestone incentives like a monthly commission raffle.

    Please check it out if you’d like to learn more about why exactly I keep posting character animations on tumblr: http://www.patreon.com/hybridmink

    I’m making a game! I could really use your help. :) $1 a month is plenty. That’s less than a stamp!

    I assume…

    Do people even send physical mail anymore?

  10. Tomoe’s basic attack is a bit flashier than Zetch, no? She spawns golden blades from the gold parts of her outfit (mostly her bracelets). The further into an attack string, the larger the blades become. I spent a good deal of time practicing her 3 hit combo until I was happy with it.

    By that I mean in my room, attacking the air, repeatedly.